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Change at Al Jazeera

The early pretense of objectivity and of two sides to every issue is long gone.  Starting this year, the network has not even taken itself seriously.  In the case of Egypt, Libya, and Syria, the network for all intents and purposes stopped functioning as a news gathering organization and started acting like a propaganda vehicle for the Qatari royal family.  Phone lines are opened and witnesses hiding under false names fill the airwaves with accounts that are sometimes real and other times are just fictitious.  Delivery of news has become unimportant and only last week did Aljazeera resume its famous news talk shows.  They have been suspended for months because Al Jazeera was not keen on hosting points of views different from the royal Qatari one.  But the instructions seem to be that only Syria is allowed to be discussed.

Was going to expand on this but then I got a long phone call and now I’m too sleepy. but it was along the lines of yes.

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